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Take a ride ... 14 years ago!

Take a ride ... 14 years ago!

We've done some fun things over the years. One of our favorites was our year 2000 Millennium website. We wanted to do something out of this world that might get some interesting attention. The story starts in a space craft hanger on a distant but similar planet. You're guided on board the space craft and after a few system checks, you embark on your quest for intelligence. 

Millennium website start page

In 2000, the web was still fairly new and progressively cool new animated websites were taking the stage for the first time. As a pioneer of digital technology, we thought it might be nice to show our stuff and what better way to do it than at the onset of a new millennium. We worried a bit about the controversial Y2K bug that threatened to shut done technology, and that all the work we put into it might be for not. But optimism prevailed and we tried to put a lot of talents together for this very cool (at the time) flash website and intro. 

This is the extended version that provides a journey of sorts before you get to the website. Remember, this is year 2000 technology. It may not play correctly on some modern devices (phones, and some tablets) but give it a try anyway. You might enjoy the ride.

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