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What the heck is a hard or soft return?

What the heck is a hard or soft return?

When you're editing text you may come across situations where the effects you are trying to apply go a bit haywire. Often this is caused by tags in the hidden HTML code that creates your line breaks. In most cases (and on the websites we build) a hard return is when you simply hit the Enter key. A soft return is a little different, you create one of those by hitting Shift+Enter.

Okay so whats the big difference you ask? Well a hard return will create a new paragraph, which can be selected/highlighted as a block of content. A soft return creates a line break but stays within the same paragraph. Why is this important? Well it can make editting a lot more pleasant and create nicer hidden code in the background. A good example of this might be when you're creating a bulletted list and want to add some space after each point .. A hard return will messup your bullets, a soft return will not. There are many other cases where the difference between a hard return and soft return can make your work much easier.

I hope to add some more examples of this in a later post. Hope this helps a bit for now!

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