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Resizing images fast and easy

Resizing images fast and easy

if you've ever wanted to resize a bunch of images for an online photo gallery and don't want to have to open up PhotoShop or some other image editting software, here's a great tip. Todays digital cameras, even mobile phones can take photos that are really huge in Mega Pixels. Most of the time, these images are 3 to 4 times larger than they need to be for a website gallery, and uploading the full size version is a waste of space and might even slow down your web pages.
Try this: If you're using a windows operating system (not sure if Apples have a similar feature), browse to the photos on your computer, highlight the ones you want to resize, then right click and select the "Send to mail Recipient" option. When you do, the system will ask you if you want to resize the images before sending .. say yes and pick your size. For most website gallery photos, 800 x 600 is plenty big. Simply send the email to yourself and you will get an email with nicely resized images. Quick and easy.

Hope that helps!

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