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Know your Domain Registrar

Know your Domain Registrar

Being a web developer I work with setting up domain names, email, and DNS all the time. It's clear to me that some domain registrars are better than others both in services offered and price. In fact the range is quite extreme. For example, my favorite domain registrar, charges about $15.99 CAD per year for a .com domain registration, while some competitors charge as much $85 CAD per year. That's quite a difference, and the service/support from those expensive registrars is most often a large leap backward.

One of the common scams I see regarding domain names, and I do call them scams, is that you may get some official looking "renewal" notifications from some of those "expensive" registrars who are basically trying to fool you into transferring your domain name to them at their outrageously higher prices. Or, a so called "domain protection" or "SEO listing" service may try to imply your renewal with them is due and your domain will be de-listed if you do not submit payment.

How they do this is why I consider them scammers, providing a somewhat ambiguous "request to pay notice" based on your domain name expiry date. When you register a domain name, unless you specifically purchase a privacy option, your registration information is public information. The notices look very official, come at the right time, and even occasionally threaten you to act quickly. For many people this may appear to be a legitimate domain registration notice, having your correct name, address, and contact info on it, as well as all the correct information about your domain name. I've seen several customers unintentionally fall for this, and it's easy to see why .. everything looks correct. The fact is you are being steered away from your original domain registrar to a more expensive one, and it's a small nightmare to restore your domain name to the original registrar and pricing, or you're subscribing to an unnecessary service you may never benefit from (or receive).

I own about 80 domain names, and they send me these scammer renewal emails all the time and I thought I best share it with you to avoid falling into their trap. I have linked to several graphics showing the scammer style notifications I receive. 2 are by email and 1 is commonly by postal mail. Have a peak at these and be wary if you see them. If I see others, I'll add them here.

Maybe take a moment and double check who your domain registrar is. Get familiar with their notices, etc. Login to your domain account now and then and make sure your contact info is up to date so you don't miss any legitimate renewal notifications. If you're not sure who your domain registrar is, you can try a "Whois" lookup ... simply input your domain and the registration details will come up.

LinkShipLast but not least, if you need a great domain registrar I encourage you to try Compared to other registrars, in the long run LinkShip generally provides the best pricing, best options, and exceptional support.






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